Our  Team

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Our history…

Tiny House Premium was born from a desire to make a dream come true and make it possible for everyone ... 
Who has never dreamed of having their own house? already small, we imagine it big with a garden, a swimming pool ... we imagine it with a tree house ... a little later, we dream of a large bright loft in an artist's studio style.
Then we imagine a house on 2 or 3 floors, with large bedrooms for the children we will have, a parental suite, a large space to enjoy barbecues with friends, a swing in the garden to see the children having fun and run everywhere. We dream of a home where we would feel safe.
When you reach adulthood, the observation is sometimes painful.
Owning is not that easy.
The budget, the decades of commitment, the guarantees that we ask of you ... the list is long and becoming an owner becomes, for the great majority, an unattainable dream.
We wanted to make this dream “really” accessible.
Not just for a privileged category of people.
Tiny House Premium , we wanted “becoming an owner” to be possible for the vast majority. 
To make this operation possible, we have negotiated with our partners to have the lowest prices on the market.
We have reduced our margins to a minimum.
No, we do not volunteer.
But we know it's possible
  to build at much lower prices than market prices. Our goal, quality AND quantity.
The lower the prices, the more you will be
  to be able to access the property. 
We will do a lot of research to find solutions to reduce even more the blows of each pole of construction.
From the foundations to the last tiling, we negotiate the best prices until we obtain prices that will allow us to build houses at less than 1000 € / m².
Our goal is clear.
We decide to break all the received ideas!
It is now possible to access the property.
Buying a house is no longer reserved for a certain category of people.
Tiny House Premium , tomorrow we can all become owners.