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House expansion is the solution chosen by many households to increase the living space in their home when it is not desired  sacrifice his garage to make a new room. 

In France,  wooden frame extension  is the most frequently chosen technique.
However,  the characteristics of the metal frame for extension  of houses deserve to be known. 
Economical price, robustness, quick site, good insulation and absence of thermal bridge, steel metal frames combine the advantages.
The construction is similar to that of the timber frame, but the supporting structure consists of steel panels rather than beams. 
In new construction or renovation, the metal framework lends itself to all your desires.

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The extension with metallic structure: a scalable and customizable project

Ideal for expanding your home easily and inexpensively, the metal home extension can be  personalized according to your desires. On the outside, choose the cladding you like, wood, PVC or steel trays, depending on the desired finish. The metal structure also allows  place large openings. You can create a veranda by installing canopies. Inside, all types of fittings are possible, as with the wooden frame. The metal frame technique also makes it possible to  easily carry out other expansion work  (addition of an extension).

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