The constructions at

metal frame

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The construction

It is a construction system within which failures are based,
scissors, frames, columns and beams with the combination of
galvanized steel profiles produced with the technology
HekimStructureRobot with bolted connections.

The walls


The surfaces of the wall panels of which

the carrier system is made of galvanized steel profiles are coated

under construction with Natural Cement Panels

HekimBoard with class A1 non-flammability.


  • Drawing HekimBoard Natural Cement Panel

  • Jointed HekimBoard Natural Cement Panel

  • TurkSiding Natural Clapboard Cladding Plate in Siding

  • Coating Application

  • Application of Facade Cladding

  • Window and Door Bedside (HekimBoard Natural Panel / XPS)

The roof


Roof construction which is in profile

galvanized steel of the carrier system is coated

with a roof covering based on quality bitumen

top on OSB / HekimBoard Natural Cement Board.


  • Natural galvanized trapezoidal sheet

  • Painted galvanized trapezoidal sheet

  • Sandwich Hekim roof panel

  • Corrugated and Bitumen Panel Coating

  • Printed pattern membrane

  • Metal tiles

  • PVC / metal gutters and downspouts



Rock wool insulation

rock wool type and wall type is used at the level

wall panel carcasses.
Glass wool for mattresses is also used for roof insulation.



  • Rockwool

The doors


The outer door is a steel door and has a cylinder lock.
The interior doors are covered with MDF-Lam.


Exterior door

  • Aluminum

  • Photocell door

  • PVC

  • Sectional door

  • Fire resistant door

Interior doors

  • Aluminum

  • American door (sheet metal or wooden box)

  • PVC

  • Swing door

  • Fire resistant door


The paintings


Hekim silicone paint is used on the exterior facade.
Hekim plastic paint is used in the interior space.


  • Satin paint

  • Mineral plaster with coating

  • Patina

Electrical installation

Electrical Installation

It consists of lighting fittings, switches, sockets,

cables and networks of cables, fuses and boxes

of fuses and leakage current relays.
The installation is above the plaster.


  • Data

  • Telephone

  • UPS

  • TV

  • Fire detection system

  • Intelligent alarm and building system



It consists of toilet bowl with foot washbasin, Turkish toilet

or the French, shower tray and kitchen cupboard designed according to the project.
The installation is below the plaster.


  • Hilton sink

  • Jacuzzi

  • Basin

  • Cabin shower

  • Fire extinguishing system

  • Heating and air conditioning installation