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Freedom above all  !

We didn't invent anything, but we admire the clever idea Jay Shafer had in the early 2000s.
What we see in this invention is the dimension of freedom, of travel, of escape.
What drives us  ? the idea that tomorrow we can all become nomadic landlords, free landlords.
Look around you, the number of retraining, moving. The observation is clear, France migrates and thirsts for change.
What we want is to give a large majority of French people the opportunity to become owners. Making the inaccessible accessible is our leitmotif.
What we want is to give the possibility to a large majority of French people to become free. Making the dream come true is our leitmotif.



Turnkey from 29.500 € HT Delivery and connection included


Tiny house

A tiny house is a small house that rolls around.  In English, “tiny” means tiny, and “house” means house. The "Tiny House Movement" emerged in the USA in the early 2000s, advocating simplicity of life and voluntary sobriety. Inhabitable all year round, the Tiny Houses are wooden frame houses built with the same comfort requirements: insulation, airtightness, electricity, hot water, heating, mechanical ventilation, with the added bonus of ethics! The challenge is to optimize the space.  Inside a Tiny, saving space is essential. Sliding cupboards, multifunction spaces, hatches, folding shelves, modular or hybrid furniture: we deploy a wealth of ingenuity to improve your well-being, as well as the ergonomics of your living space.
Together, we imagine the house of your dreams and arrange it by optimizing the smallest square centimeter. So that comfort rhymes with freedom, we show a limitless imagination.



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A place to live that looks like you

Our goal is to build the tiny house that suits you. This is why we take the time above all to listen to your project, your habits,
your priorities, your desires, your motivations.
Owning a tiny house means having the choice of where to live but also of vacations, office, moments of relaxation and escape.
Being a nomadic owner means deciding on a whim to go for a weekend without hotel costs ... it is wanting to sleep under the stars in the comfort of
his room by opening the roof with a simple gesture.
You aspire to live a lifestyle that adapts to environmental issues  ? We support you in this process by using materials r
respectful and ethical.

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Together, we create your tailor-made tiny house. Your materials, your design, your ambitions, your budget.

At France Tiny House, we have negotiated the best rates on the market to give you access to freedom.

Tiny houses measure on average 2.40m wide and 6 to 8m deep, but we can also make custom.

We equip our tiny houses with solar panels, terrace, water collector, fitted kitchen, mezzanine and any other desired option at low cost.

You do not need to own a building plot or a building permit, a low tax and few charges. You become nomadic or sedentary

depending on your wishes.

However, it will become necessary to separate yourself from the superfluous. Living in a Tiny house means getting to the point. It's a bit like learning to live again. Take advantage

  simple pleasures. Make time for yourself.

We like to think that the Tiny House concept is the future, and that tomorrow we will all be owners.



Turnkey from 29.500 € HT Delivery and connection included


How are the Tiny Houses transported? 

These small houses are easily transportable thanks to trailers that adapt to all the architectures and plans of Tiny House. To tow them you have to

a vehicle with sufficient towable mass. Often, it is 4 × 4, pickups or other vans that will have the required qualities.



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Notre procédé de fabrication intégrant des technologies BIM et robotiques vous garantie zéro erreur de construction sur votre ouvrage et  une livraison rapide.

Pour faciliter la conception de votre future petite maison, nous vous proposons un modèle de Tiny Houses (avec et sans mezzanine) à personnaliser.

Les modèles présentés ci-dessus sont donc indicatifs et modulables.

Nous vous invitons à nous contacter pour élaborer ensemble la modélisation de 

votre Tiny House sur-mesure

How to make your project a reality  ?

We support you from A to Z, from financing to design. We follow step by step the project of a lifetime. We have negotiated the best rates for you
loan. We advise you on the steps to follow whether you want to be sedentary or nomadic.
We optimize the best to shorten the deadlines, our goal  : See you settle into your new cocoon as quickly as possible.

Wooden Hut







Hotel project

You have a  property, far from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to develop accommodation on your land? 
So hosting a Tiny House or a PREMIUM HOUSE is for you. 
Our products  100% autonomous and responsible are easy to install. We build them and install them on your property ready to welcome your first travelers. 



If you want to give new impetus to your profession or your business, the tiny house for professionals is a serious alternative to consider. This professional transportable house indeed fulfills all the criteria of eco-responsibility and offers you new professional perspectives that remain to be explored.

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PRM facilities

MAISON PREMIUM offers you, for people with reduced mobility, options allowing access to the Tiny House for all.



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Your Tiny House ready to be  dispatched